Saturday, June 27, 2009

Widow's Peak Cap

Hello, everyone!
I have returned from the Great White North (aka Canada) and plan to post pics soon. I have set July 1, 2009, as the opening date for my store on etsy. Meanwhile, I have been hard at work creating new crochet designs. I will post pictures and explanations as I photograph them. The design I'm focusing this post on is the Widow's Peak Cap. It was inspired by the way some people's hair forms an upside down "V" on their foreheads, although I like to wear the peak to the side to create an asymmetrical look. (Eddie Munster's hairline is a slight exaggeration of this phenomenon, but you get the idea.) I'm really excited about this hat design; I wish it were winter so I could wear it right now! I'm tempted to try, but it was 104 today, so I think I'll just have to wait. I made the prototype for this hat on the drive back from Canada. It was hot then too, as our air conditioner was broken. I look forward to opening my store on the first! In the meantime, I am also creating some how to crochet videos and free patterns, so you can practice your crochet skills. If I didn't have to pay for my yarn addiction, I wouldn't charge anything in the first place. But seriously, I spent $50 on yarn the last time I was at Hobby Lobby! Until next time, keep crafting!

PS, the widow's peak cap is Copyright 2009 by Angela Marshall

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