Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rook and Shadow

Well, due to some unforeseen bank issues I wasn't able to get PayPal set up. So, it looks like I won't be opening my Etsy store tomorrow as I had planned. :( However, I'm taking the time I had planned to spend posting items and working on my novel, Rook and Shadow. The picture is the cover I designed. My friend Whitney (of Generation Gap on Etsy) agreed to model for me. She also chased ducks in the park so I could get a shot of an extended wing. I had hoped to use an actual rook's wing, but every time I get near one they fly away! The ducks, however, were much more hospitable. The picture was taken in a park, although I edited it to give it a more mysterious feel.
All in all, I like the cover. Now I just need to finish the book! When I get a first chapter edited more completely, I'll be sure to post a sneak peak here for you!
Rook and Shadow is a twist on the traditional fairy tales I read and loved as a little girl.
Blessed with beauty at her birth, Princess Sayonra is considered a national treasure. However, she is tired of serving as the court poets' muse. After realizing her parents intend to use her beauty to attract a suitable ruler, rather than training her for the job, Sayonra runs away. Knowing nothing of the real world, Sayonra joins a group of bandits that are determined to overthrow her!
I've been working on this for a long time. Its currently 200 pages long and in its second revision. I plan to self-publish it so I can use my artwork on the cover. I'll keep you posted!
Stay tuned! Since I can't open my store yet I'm going to post some free pattern soon. I'll start with some really cute brooches, a perfect way to accessorize with crochet in the summer without dying of heatstroke. I'll also be posting patterns for some really cute summer coasters. Enjoy your beverages without ruining your furniture!
Remember, all photos and patterns are Copyright 2009, Angela Marshall

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  1. wow, that sounds awesome! I am gonna keep watching for it. I would love to read that book! The cover looks awesome too! :)